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KK, Esq.


As a Civil Rights Fellow at the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, I worked with the Enforcement, Legal, and Mediation divisions to investigate and resolve employment and housing discrimination complaints received by our agency. This opportunity provided me with research, writing, and hands-on experience. On-site visits, legal research on novel issues, drafting court documents, conducting depositions, and participating in settlement negotiations and formal mediations have allowed me to delve into all aspects of employment, housing, and discrimination law, both state and federal.


The King Hall curriculum has exposed me to many new fields and learning opportunities. An editorial position on the UC Davis Law Review allowed me to develop my research, writing, and editing skills. Appellate Advocacy improved my public speaking skills and helped me to better structure my arguments. As an Oralist on the Jessup International Moot Court team, I combined all of my interests into a competitive learning environment, writing a memorial/brief that earned the Second Place Memorial Award and presenting an oral argument on international law.


I am currently the Digital Marketing- Client Engagement Lead for Online Legal Marketing and a contract attorney providing legal services for all aspects of employment law.  I intend to continue practicing law in southern California and am searching for a position that will challenge me, expand my legal knowledge, and allow me to resolve differences through application of relevant law.

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