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Admitted to the California Bar (#292574).


Actively seeking employment in any and all practice areas, southern California region.


Excellent written and oral communications skills. Superb interpersonal relationship skills. Excels as team leader and team member.


Specialties: Legal research, legal writing, employment law, international law, French, oral advocacy, torts.


Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Windows and Apple operating systems; basic Adobe Photoshop skills.



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Investigate employment and housing complaints, including interviewing complainants, conducting onsite visits, and making case closure determinations. Take and supervise depositions and represent the DFEH at mediations.  Draft civil complaints, motions to strike, ex parte applications, opposition to demurrer, deposition notices, subpoenas, and written discovery.  Legal research and memo writing for various employment and housing issues.  Document review for class actions and directors complaints. 

Promote the Online Legal Media brands and drive sales prospecting via B2B social networking and event integration on social media sites.  Form relationships with legal contacts by contributing to social conversations and by consistently posting relevant content. 

Employment law litigation firm in Laguna Beach, CA. Drafted demand letters, civil complaints, motions, and mediation briefs.  Filed and served documents, including administrative complaints, civil court documents, and discovery requests. Attended court hearings.  Client intake, screening, and interviews.  

Environmental policy and advocacy group in Sacramento, CA. Research and document review for Friends of the River v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Drafted legal memoranda on water rights and river conservation that was used in press releases.  Commented on the Don Pedro Relicensing Project.  Engaged in research and correspondence for Conservation Groups regarding H.R. 869. 

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